Are You Giving Dads the Bum Rush?

downloadThink that dads deserve the same amount of time for parental bonding leave as moms? If you answered “no,” it’s time to review your parental bonding policy. The EEOC recently announced that that practice of giving moms more bonding time is discriminatory.

Employers are required to grant fathers equal amounts of paid parental leave.

Many employers grant more leave to mothers based on the generally held assumption that mothers need more time to bond after the birth of a child. There’s no science to justify that belief.

This announcement also discussed modified work schedules—given to ease the transition to work after the arrival of a new child— and said that when such schedules are only offered to mothers, the employer violates the law.

Mindy E. Weinstein, acting director of the EEOC’s Washington Field Office said, “This settlement ensures that {the Employer} will provide equal opportunities for time off to new dads and new moms, which is what the law requires, and what makes sense for families.”

So, take a look at your parental leave policies and practices to see if you are giving moms and dads equal treatment. If not, take the time to update your company documents so that you are meeting this standard. Questions? Contact me by calling 650.518.0327 or by email at

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